Writing & Editing

Peer-Reviewed Research Scholarship

(Under peer review) Victoria Okoye (2021) “Coloniality and the fabrication of urban modernity in Kumasi, Ghana.” Journal of African Cultural Studies

(Under peer review) Victoria Okoye (2021) “Building Black Outer Spaces of Relation and Care on Twitter.” Transactions of the Institute British Geographers (Special Intervention Issue).

Book Chapters

(2021 expected) Okoye, Victoria. “Everyday spatial practices and production of urban commons in Accra, Ghana.” DIY in African Cities. London: Zed Books.

Other Scholarship

Okoye, Victoria and Yussif Larry Aminu (2021) “Planning, Community Spaces, and Youth Urban Futures, from Accra.” In Global Urbanism: Knowledge, Power, and the City (eds.) Michele Lancione and Colin McFarlane. London: Routledge. 

Victoria Okoye (2020) Street Vendor Exclusion in “Modern” Market Planning: A Case Study from Kumasi, Ghana. WIEGO Resource Document No. 15. WIEGO.

Victoria Okoye and Spread-Out Initiative NGO (2019). Nima Space Artists: A Collection of Stories and Poems Written and Performed by Spread-Out Initiative NGO Students Who Imagined Improvements for Nima’s Public Spaces. Accra, Ghana: Trinity Printing.

Guest Editor
(In progress) Field: Journal, “Embodying an Anti-Racist Architecture.” Issue 8, Guest Editor with Catalina Mejia Moreno and Carolyn Butterworth, Sheffield School of Architecture.

Public Scholarship

Victoria Okoye (2020) “Modernity Means Forgetting: The Mbari Igbo Tradition.” Common Native.

Victoria Okoye (2019) “Becoming Local: (Hi)Stories of ‘Nigerians’ in Accra.” The Metropole: The Official Blog of the Urban History Association

Victoria Okoye (2018) “(Post)Colonial architectures: The Balme Library, University of Ghana.” AfricaArchi Blog.

Victoria Okoye (2016) “Conversations 001: Agbogbloshie.” African Urbanism podcast episode.

Victoria Okoye (2015) “The sounds of street hustle: Accra’s Kwame Nkrumah Avenue.” MIT CoLab Radio.

Victoria Okoye (2015) “How a new kind of ‘modern’ urban development can include street vendors.” Women in Informal Economy: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO) Blog.

Victoria Okoye (2012) “Whose city is it, anyway?” UrbanAfrica.net. African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town.

Victoria Okoye (2010 – present) African Urbanism (Blog).