For me, teaching is about supporting students, encouraging them to ask critical questions, and encouraging them in developing their own innovative tools for reflecting and acting in the world in which they live. I’ve worked in teaching spaces with young students (10-17 years, in Accra, Ghana) and with masters and first-year PhD students (in Sheffield, UK).

Masters in Urban Design Thesis Studio (ARC6982) – Graduate Student Tutor [Spring-Summer 2020]

Critical Spatial Theory (ARC6971) – Graduate Teaching Assistant [Spring 2020]

Accra Architecture Writing Workshop – Writing Tutor [Summer 2018, Summer 2019]
For two consecutive years, I have been part of a team of academics and PhD students organizing and running an intensive writing workshop for undergraduate, masters, and PhD students to learn and write about specific architectural sites in the city of Accra.

Urban (Hi)Stories (ARC303) – Graduate Teaching Assistant [Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019]
As a GTA in this course, I’ve given one guest lecture each fall semester to undergraduate and masters students on architecturally relevant theory with practical exposure to design challenges in the city of Accra.

Principles of Research Design (SMI607) – Graduate Teaching Assistant [Fall 2018]
In Fall 2018, I worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant with Mark Taylor of the Sheffield Methods Institute to support teaching of Principles of Research Design, a first-semester course for masters and first-year PhD students.

Cairo Urban Design Studio (ARC6981) – Graduate Teaching Assistant
[Spring 2018]
Akwaaba Photo Youth Photography Workshop [October-January 2017]
Rita Garglo (No Limits Charity Organization), Teresa Meka (independent professional photographer) and I organized a series of photography workshop sessions with youth (10-17 years) in their neighborhood of Ga Mashie (in Accra, Ghana). Over a six-week period, we would met Saturday mornings, and Teresa would lead informal training sessions, explaining the functions and uses of a camera, and then we would break out into small groups with the youth for their photo walks. The youth would select their photography spaces and subjects, and then we would come back together as a large group for them to present their photos, showing their favorite photos, talking about the subjects, and the meaningfulness of the photo for them. We organized the Akwaaba Photography Youth Photography Exhibition in January 2017: akwaaba.photography