Sheffield School of Architecture Manifesto/s PhD Conference

I worked with some phenomenal PhD classmates to organize the 2018 Manifesto/s PhD conference, which was the first internal research conference at the Sheffield School of Architecture (SSoA), bringing together PhD students and faculty in the Architecture and Landscape Architecture departments.

A manifesto is a “public declaration” of an idea, intention, or view of an individual or a group. This Manifesto/s PhD Conference sought to give a voice and bring together the different research branches that are present within SSoA and the Department of Landscape. See our conference website here:

This two-day event took place in the Arts Tower, University of Sheffield, on 27th and 28th April 2018. The first day of research presentations provided participating PhD students the opportunity to share their ongoing research and discuss feedback with the wide research community of peers, SSoA and Department of Landscape faculty, as well as external responders. The second day of hands-on workshops provided a platform for skills learning and experimentation in the areas of research methodology and research writing.

As an organizing team, we gained financial support to organize the two-day conference, including inviting external presenters and departmental faculty to respond to PhD students’ research presentations, and working with external presenters to develop a methodological and writing skills session.

I also presented my PhD methodology, which employs feminist and decolonial frameworks and collaborative approaches in order to investigate young people’s experiences of public space in Accra, Ghana.

Our Organizing Team:
Esra Can, Olivia Espinosa Trujillo, Gioia Fusaro, Victoria Okoye, Danni Kerr,  Cathryn Ladd, Yanisa Niennattrukal